Yes Remit Nepal always stands with Government of Nepal to fight against anti money laundering and financing of terrorism with supports to major international organization such as FATF, UN, EU , The organization of American States- The office of Foreign assets control (OFAC). Our Staff in Yes Remit is well trained to prevent AML and TF.

In Yes, We always prohibits any remittance to social, religious or charitable organizations and We have established suitable procedures of customer due diligence, reporting, record keeping, internal control, risk management and communication to prevent activities related to Anti money laundering and Terrorism Funding.

Our System automatically controls, deducts, monitor, investigate and reports suspicious transactions.

Complete details of customer are always disclosed on remittance.

We maintain all the transaction records for the period of 6 years.

We have fixed the limit per transaction as per guidelines of Central bank of Nepal.

We submit the suspicious transactions details to central bank on end of every month.