We are pleased to announce that we have sign an agreement wtih Bhargav Bikash bank for remittance disburshment in Nepal from their 13 branches. Aggrement was signed by Yes Remit COO /Director Mr Munal Jung Karki and CEO of Bhargav Bikash bank Mr Pushkar Raj joshi in Yes Remit Head office.

Agent Name: 

Bhargav Bikash Bank

Number of Locations:


Head Office:- Surkhet Road, Nepalgunj

Phone: 521027, 525037
Fax: 526058
Post Box No: 85
Email:- info@bhargavbank.com.np

Narayanpur Branch

Narayanpur, Dang
Phone No. 082-530151
Phone No. 082-530150
E-mail:- narayanpur@bhargavbank.com.np

Tulsipur Branch Office

Tulsipur, Dang
Phone No. 082-522780
Fax No. 082-522781
E-mail:- tulsipur@bhargavbank.com.np

Bansgadhi Branch Office

Bansgadhi, Bardiya
Phone No. 084-400101
Fax No. 084-400102
E-mail:- bansgadhi@bhargavbank.com.np

Mangragadhi Branch Office

Mangragadhi, Bardiya
Phone No. 084-404068
Fax No. 084-404069
E-mail: mangragadhi@bhargavbank.com.np

Kohalpur Branch Office

Kohalpur, Banke
Phone No. 081-541718
Fax No. 081-541719
E-mail:- kohalpur@bhargavbank.com.np

Ghorahi Branch Office

Ghorahi, Dang
Phone No. 082-563740
Fax No. 082-563741
E-mail:- ghorahi@bhargavbank.com.np

Bhurigaun Branch Office

Bhurigaun, Bardiya
Phone No. 084-403118
Fax No. 084-403119
E-mail:- bhurigaun@bhargavbank.com.np

Hapure Branch Office

Hapure, Dang
Phone No. 082-403052
Fax No. 082-403053
E-mail:- hapure@bhargavbank.com.np

Lalmatiya Branch Office

Lalmatiya, Dang
Phone No. 082-
Fax No. 082-
E-mail:- lalmatiya@bhargavbank.com.np

Patabhar Branch Office

Shantibazar, Bardiya
Phone No. 084-
Fax No. 084-

Lamahi Branch Office

Lamahi, Dang
Phone No. 082-540820
Fax No. 082-540821

Gulariya Branch

Gulariya , Bardiya
Phone No. 084-420386
Fax No. 084-420387


Receive Only (International) & Send & Receive (Domestic)

Pay out Currency:



As per Central Bank